For Folk Wandering.

"...Folk Wandering, a breathtakingly ambitious musical that reframes our country’s past through present eyes. The brainchild of director Andrew Neisler and playwright Jaclyn Backhaus, Pipeline Theatre Company's show is simultaneously intimate and epic...  it gets at something deep about the way the past can hold us back or push us forward." 
- Time Out NY Critic's Pick

"... it’s a friendly musical, wistful and searching, and it has strings to make you swoon... a tasting menu of enticing small plates matched with lovely flights of wine... There’s nostalgia in the gorgeously played songs, full of yearning and exuberance and affection for eras we can hold at a safe distance now. Ms. Backhaus’s stories, vivid with the colors of human experience, are a vital defense against sentimentality. So are the actors, with not a weak link in the bunch."
- The New York Times

"the collaboratively created songs, which take advantage of the various time periods to have fun with a range of styles and serve up several little gems, along with the engaging scenic work, and stellar ensemble performance under Andrew Neisler’s skillful direction make Folk Wandering a thoroughly enjoyable new musical."
- Exeunt Magazine

"Director Andrew Neisler’s staging is expertly panoramic with its visual liveliness."

For The Elementary Spacetime Show. 

"The existential riddles that Alameda must solve are accompanied by vibrant musical/dance numbers, performed by the talented ensemble and directed with verve and flair by Andrew Neisler... an original, inspiring, life-affirming evening of musical theatre."
- American Theatre Magazine

"...judged by the wealth of theatrical potency, musical skill, and humor displayed by César Alvarez's musical The Elementary Spacetime Show, a new work that, given a wide enough audience, will become Rent for the social-media generation."
- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Brooklyn-based director Andrew Neisler stages "The Elementary Spacetime Show" to move, constantly it seems – and smoothly, given the large number of people in the production. You feel as though you're directly a part of it."
- Howard Shapiro,

"Alameda’s creativity, intellect, and determination — even after performing the ultimate act of despair — shine in a story with no easy or obvious solutions. In a totally unconventional tale about the imagined aftermath of suicide, Alvarez finds the truths of mental illness."
Broad Street Review, Philadelphia

"Directed by Andrew Neisler, THE ELEMENTARY SPACE TIME SHOW is a wild, unabashed, meta upon meta, and has a depth of emotional honesty that brings one dangerously close to heartbreak, veering deftly away from unbearable anguish in a series of wild turns into delicious vaudevillian absurdity."

For Clown Bar.

"In theory 'Clown Bar,' a Pipeline Theater Company production directed by Andrew Neisler, should be a fiasco. In performance the 70-minute show is a hoot."
- New York Times, CRITICS PICK

"Andrew Neisler’s direction utilizes the space and his performers to their utmost and the team responsible for the choreography, design, and stage management should be hired by everyone for everything all the time immediately."

"Direction by Andrew Neisler is inventive, celebrating the best of vaudeville."
- Theatre Pizzazz

"If this all sounds ridiculous, let me assure you: it is."
- Theatre Is Easy

For The Gray Man.

"The production values are exceptional. Shadows, tinkling piano music and other effects create an immersive sense of menace for this show, which is performed in the round and runs under 90 minutes. There are long scenes staged in complete darkness or with only a trace of light. If you’re uncomfortable in a pitch-black room, you’ll need to pass up this play."
- New York Times

"’re tempted to pull your feet under your seat as smokes billows past. The darkness descends and you wait on tenterhooks for a horror movie-style jumpscare. One lantern lights a tiny part of the space; I swear the audience was collectively holding its breath."
- The Tribeca Tribune

"The Gray Man excels in every possible department for a stage production."
- Stage Buddy

"Neisler’s production, created with one of the most in sync design teams in the city, is an extraordinary burst of Sturm und Drang inventiveness. Walkerspace becomes an oppressive little nook with too many shadows for monsters to hide in. Neisler wisely abandons literalist staging techniques and instead lets the play melt in and out of locations"
- New York Theatre Review

"As in last year’s Clown Bar, director Andrew Neisler’s staging is a dazzling display of cinematic theatricality.  Virtually the entire theater is utilized to create arresting images by precisely coordinating the efforts of the design team.  There are compelling things to see and hear at all times.  In addition, Mr. Neisler’s achievements are evident by the uniformly excellent performances by the ensemble."

For Charlatan.

2014 Drama Desk Nomination for Unique Theatrical Experience


"...the show, directed by Andrew Neisler, is cleverly structured to end with a memorable bang. It’s unlikely that DePonto can actually read minds, but in Charlatan he very smoothly blows them."

"From the opening scene in “Charlatan,” there’s a big wow factor. By the time the grand finale rolls around, [DePonto} seems to defy the laws of both physics and common sense... The show’s close is so dazzling that it appears certain the audience volunteer was a plant. But a recent show’s volunteer swore that wasn’t the case."
- NY Daily News

"Charlatan is a sophisticated piece of theatre, both magic show and play—an innovation in storytelling. It seamlessly bridges the gap between the two, creating a show that comments on both the deception and truth of theatre."
- New York Theatre Review


"Featuring a rousing score and lyrics by Nate Weida (who also directs the band on every performance) and brilliant direction from Andrew Neisler, “Byuioo” shows a theater company at the top of its game, as the ensemble and creative elements blend seamlessly and put themselves at the center of a story that feels fresh even if we’ve heard it many times before."
- Stage Buddy

"It is clear that the director, Andrew Neisler, and the excellent cast have worked hard to bring Mr. Weida’s vision to life. It cannot have been easy to adapt to using an invented language and to make it so fluent and natural.... Wish I knew their word for 'Bravo!'"
- Talkin Broadway

For Shoot The Freak.

"Throughout the play, we get to meet various figures played by the cast: a stuffed turkey, Skip Darlington the weatherman, and a wax child to name a few. It is in these moments when the production truly shines, combining Backhaus’ innovative metaphors, with director Andrew Neisler’s inventive staging."
- Theatre Is Easy

For The Most Inspiring and Magnificent Tale of Alfridge Von Waddlgrave.

"The laughs came from every actor, and all of them delivered perfectly. Each character in this unpredictable [piece} was so unique, they seemed to play off one another just right, and there was never a dull moment."
- Philadelphia City Paper

For Our Farm.

"...a crude, slapdash production that is raw in all the right places."
- Theatre Pulse

"offbeat, funny, and tense"
- The Philadelphia Inquirer